Lots of good things have been happening with Meri Freedom Bags so I thought you would enjoy hearing and sharing with your clubs.
We have received a $5000 District Grant which is tremendous and will help greatly.

The Rotary Club of Toowong is helping us by giving us container space to Mt Hagen. My last trip in February was to Mt Hagen and I am working with a fellow Rotarian, Mr John Onga, whom I met then.

Our partner, Pamili Ministry, based in Port Moresby, has provided their report for their last trip to Kimbe, West New Britain Province, PNG. They visited four islands and the Isu primary school and their work included distributing Meri Freedom Bags.
Education has a strong focus in what Pamili does and the 'Feminine Hygiene Awareness' falls under the 'Strongpela Bodi, Gutpela Sidaun' (Good Health, Happy Families) program. (Pidgin English)
"The recipients of the packs were extremely grateful and expressing a sense of relief as although town is accessible, individual challenges were around the bad weather conditions which restricts movements and unavailability of funds to make trips and purchase sanitary items."
Meri Freedom will again partner with Pamili in December when they go to the East Sepik Province. Sewing is now underway for this consignment of 200 bags.
These are photos of Rotary and the distribution of sanitary bags by one of our partners, Pamili Ministry.
Gay Muller - (Rotary Club of Ipswich)
Meri Freedom Bags